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I think it's pointless to cry ..

First of all your wasting your energy. Second of all the aftereffects of crying are noticeable.Especially if your wearing make-up. Hiding the evidence is futile.

Then you get the "are you okay?" by your friends. Sometimes you say yes, more than often you say no. I can't say that I haven't cried in my life. Everyone has cried, as an infant, child, teenager, adult and senior. It stick with us through our life but shouldn't we just hold it in? So we can get past the..

Are you okay? What happended?

Sometimes, if I do cry, I do it alone, at night, where no one can see me or hear me. It's like a huge relief, it just makes you feel better. It's like a flushing the toilet.

You get rid of all the shit.
Good analogy eh?

They say it's weak to cry. I somewhat agree, sometimes you can't help yourself. You just start bawling for no reason. Then comes the runny and clogged up nose...Then the bloodshot eyes...The hyperventilating ᅲᅲ

Breath, slowly, just calm down.

Yeah, your not the one crying hysterically. So I suggest you sit down and get me some tissues and calm me down and then we'll forget. You won't ask what's wrong because you'll know what's wrong. You don't need to fix it because you fixed it just be being here..

Anyway ..

I've finished watching Angel Beats! It actually was one of the best animes I've watched, the plot was susprisingly good, although the ending remains unclear to me as in what happens, there are plotholes in the ending though, but either way. It's one of the best animes out there it has a combined genre there's comedy, romance, action, many more. Also it talks about death and an afterlife, which got my attention ᄏᄏᄏᄏ

The OST is also good, the characters are well developed, also there are a few scenes where they made me shed tears. It shows the shorter manga/animes are more well done than longer or continually running forever and ever. Not regretting my time wasted on this show

P/S:  I wish those childhood word will come true ᄋᄉᄋ
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