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Finally! After a very long time *a bit over 9 month* I finally decided to make a comeback /eheek/ yeaah im back! How are u guys? I'm fine^^

Not dead, but alive.

I'm sorry for being sooo inactive (hiatus), but i'm busy at the moment, because of school. Oh yeah, btw I just saw a boy, who looks like Lee Soo Hyuk, at the Austria's Next Kpop Star-competition and the 14-years-old-guy, who is a consestant of Austria's Next Kpop Star-competition, sang so beautiful (again) today ;_; and he is in the next round again, yeaaaay. *im so lame*

I've been spending a lot of time lately with my family (and twitter). Its pretty interesting actually. One told me a lot about my childhood, what I did when I was little, my actions, my habits that haven't changed. The other told me about the future, what I should do, what can I do, where to go. And I listen to them, since they have all the right to tell me these things anyway. Both criticized the way I am now. They both told me that they'll always be here or there. That they'll be around. And I believe them.

Anyways, if you're wondering this song on my blog is called My Dear by Jeongmin (Boyfriend) pretty old song. But I like it  ^ ㅂ^ 

And thanks papa, I bought a new school bag and pencil box. School Supplies Haul hehehe.
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