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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

I know I haven't written for Allah knows how long so i'm back! Don't worry i'm still alive hahaha idea nak menulis pun macam alahai aku nak tulis pasal apa. I've been away for sooo long, almost 2 years since i've updated this blog, kot. I'm here to tell ya that I'm back. I missed blogging :3 I think I already lost all my readers sebab graph viewers constant 0 je huhuhu. I'm sorry for being hiatus and i'm busy at the moment, because of school and new life? Ceh. I've been spending a lot of time with my family and friends and i think it's pretty interesting tau. Had you ever had a laugh attack so hard that your jaw started hurting because dengan diorang tak sah kalau sebelum tido mengadu kat mama jaw sakit sebab selalu gelak banyak sangat.

Having a new skin for my blog has inspired me to blogging again! So, I've fixed up my blog (because i'm no longer a "yayadluvers" but i'm theskysora now). Aku tak gunakan nama sebenar kat alam maya ni kerana atas sebab-sebab tertentu (alam maya and realiti ni berbeza okay). heh yayadluvers tu zaman kegemilangan tau rajin buat tutorials, bagi freebies and yang penting semua tu aku dah delete. Aku rasa macam dah tak berguna, ada lagi ke humans buat blog ceh poyo. Aku 'menghilangkan diri' almost 2 years sebab rasa stress, tak adil ada copycats bukak page source aku ambik itu ini, fed up so aku decide private kan je blog ni.

I've also cleaned up the blog a little and deleted some silly posts and nonsense I had from years ago. It's really weird reading posts from 2011-2012, gila kelakar setiap kali post ber-annyeong haseyo tau eii geli bila baca balik posts masa zaman mentah. It's kinda made me chuckle you know, doesn't that happen to everyone though..? Finding something from the past, read all of my posts and rasa bodohnya aku dulu. Itu semua biasa.

Anyway, I can't wait to be posting new entry again! And it's so good to still be remembered by some of you.

I think I almost lost interest in kpop 

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